Final Drive Fury

Final Drive Fury 2.2

3D racing games with ultra-stylized cars
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Compete against three AI-controlled opponents, drive as fast as you can and win the races. Make money by performing stylish jumps or cool looking power slides and spend them on buying better parts for your car.

Final Drive Fury is a 3D car race game in which you´ll have to drive cars and make jumps.
You will earn money according to your performance, that can be spent in enhancing your car.

This is an ad supported software. Every time you run the program, you´ll have to wait for ads to be downloaded and played. Should you want to play without ads, you´ll have to pay.

You can choose to run an Instant Race or the Career Mode.

In the Instant Race you begin a race immediately.

In the Career Mode you will have to create a profile, buy a car and improve it. As you begin with very little money, you will have to use the free KIA car provided. Still you can make improvements on it, like changing its color and applying graphics to it. Some circuits require to pay a fee. The money you spend will be deducted from your earnings.

During the race, you´ll earn money by winning the race, passing cars, catching special items scattered in the track, doing power slides or performing jumps.

You control the car using the cursor keys, up to accelerate, down to brake, right and left to steer.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a very attractive and addictive game, with nice graphics and sound


  • Having to watch the ads every time you play is rather boring
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